Comprehensive Training Solutions

Comprehensive Training Solutions


RPS' strategic solutions help world-class organizations drive performance enterprisewide by analyzing, designing, implementing and managing customized and scalable training programs. From solution design and training support to content development and delivery, our proven tools and processes and training experts help organizations improve business and workforce performance. RPS has a depth of proven, award-winning expertise in developing learning solutions for a wide range of industries — especially those operating in high-consequence environments, where errors have significant costs and safety and compliance are key concerns.

With our customized learning solutions, Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) can help you optimize selective elements of a corporate training program — to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Or, we can apply our experience to effectively integrate multiple elements of the training value stream to build a more comprehensive, transformational solution. Whether it's a selective or comprehensive solution, RPS can provide the right breadth and scope to help clients achieve their organizational and learning goals.


Training Solution Design

RPS leverages proven tools and methodologies to develop an integrated, customized road map and deliver the best learning solution for your organization. By first identifying critical areas and determining which elements in the training value stream need to be addressed, RPS can build the best learning solution framework to meet our customers' unique challenges and business goals.

Training Analysis and Design

RPS has created a corporate training and development road map for workforce learning and development that links directly to business performance. Our enhanced learning solutions ensure specific job requirements are targeted and addressed with precision to drive optimal performance for each role.

Advanced Learning Technologies

RPS' learning technology solutions are driven by proven processes and a profound understanding of the role of constantly evolving technologies in meeting learners' needs. We systematically focus on the maturity and applicability of any technology.




Secure Mobile Learning

The Raytheon Secure Mobile Learning platform protects your proprietary learning content when it is deployed to mobile devices. This ensures your content reaches only your intended audience.

Content Development

RPS has perfected a robust series of processes, guidelines and templates for content development that are designed to maximize training effectiveness and allow for the reuse of content in other markets and across multiple formats. The result is a cost-effective, integrated learning content development process.

Training Administration and Logistics

Event logistics are crucial to any training event's success. RPS' best-practice processes and tools ensure every training event is unique and successful at engaging audiences and driving home key messages.

Training Delivery

Making customized training available at the right time and in the right way elevates the impact of your training solution and accommodates different learning styles and preferences. Training delivery can include a customized blend of multiple delivery formats.

High Consequence Training

When the stakes are high and failure is not an option, it's imperative that training be done right the first time, every time. Successfully trained employees mitigate risk and can often mean the difference between a minor incident and a full-blown emergency.