Compliance and Regulatory Rollouts

Compliance and Regulatory Rollouts

Business Compliance Contributes to Operational Excellence

Organizations whose success depends on maintaining compliance in a regulated market understand how critical and challenging it can be to effectively roll out new compliance initiatives, especially across an entire company.

When new regulations are put in place, they can require a short- or long-term implementation by businesses. They may apply to one specific organization within a business or to all employees within the company. Regardless of the scale and scope of the compliance initiative, RPS has extensive experience working with clients — across a variety of industries — to provide training and complementary services that help ensure a successful rollout.

There are many challenges involved in a compliance initiative rollout: training consistency across departments and regions, a largely dispersed workforce, limited internal resources, efficient evaluation of training effectiveness and more.

RPS recognizes that in highly regulated industries, the rollout of compliance initiatives due to new regulations must be done right the first time. Failure is not an option. Every box must be checked; every department and employee must be brought up to current compliance standards. We partner with our clients to determine the rollout strategy, timeframe for success, training design and plan, technology requirements and evaluation measures.

RPS can provide:

  • The most effective training strategy
  • Learning content development and delivery
  • Learning technology expertise
  • Change management expertise
  • Tools and processes for sustainment

Our solutions reduce time to competency for learners, improve an organization's ability to mitigate risk and increase overall compliance standards.


Our ability to see the big picture, customize and integrate solutions for organizations of all sizes and degree of complexity makes us the go-to provider of compliance initiative rollouts.

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