Advanced Learning Technologies

Advanced Learning Technologies

RPS' learning technology solutions are driven by proven processes and a profound understanding of the role of constantly evolving technologies in meeting learners' needs. We systematically focus on the maturity and applicability of any technology. We monitor, review, evaluate, promote and train development teams on the advanced technologies in our learning space, as well as what others might consider to be unrelated technologies used in other markets. We have connected the dots between learning requirements and the capabilities of our Raytheon programming engineers. For example, we are adapting the complex media, data mining and cyber products developed by our Raytheon engineers to the mobile and design technology in our learning space.

The Raytheon Technology Culture

The Raytheon culture, with its advanced engineering insight into the art of the possible, has helped us to mold a unique perspective on learning technology, and supports our ongoing decisions to make, buy and combine learning technologies. As a result, our technology toolbox includes an array of best-in-class of commercially available and internally developed tools that support our powerful blend of learning solutions.

Rapid Development LCMS

Some examples of our best-kept secrets in advanced technology are tucked into Catapult™, our rapid-development learning content management system (LCMS). With its auto-formatting intelligent mobile faceplates, our Catapult LCMS was designed and built with advanced tools to drive the build-once use-often HTML5 learning solution. Our developers can build a master course for mobile, web-based training, virtual classroom training and instructor-led training in any language. Through our regional and language-variant technology, developers can also maintain a link to the core content and permit tailored localization by office, region, language and more while supporting efficient updates to the core content across all variants of the course. This reduces ongoing maintenance of the course because all of the location-specific "versions" of the course are contained in one course structure and not in multiple separate courses. Our workflow, storyboarding and review functionality are also best-in-class and have helped make our LCMS an award-winning, top-of-the-line technology.


Raytheon Technology Strategy

As a global learning company, our customers drive an extremely diverse set of technology design, development and deployment requirements. Our global teams work strategically to ensure that the best people, learning solution, enabling technology and content are delivered to the customer. This global insight creates an open and collaborative environment through which strategies and standards are globally owned and adopted, best practices and centers of excellence are shared and supported, and investments in building, buying and combining technologies are most effective and efficient.

Raytheon as Your Technology Advisor

RPS has created a technology assessment tool that helps our organization and customers connect the dots between industry technologies and developers, regions and learning programs. This strategic tool helps us provide customers with new insights and ensures that there are no gaps in designing the optimal learning solutions for our clients. Ultimately, it improves the quality of our products and services, reduces costs and offers excellent investments for our customers.

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