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Raytheon Professional Service' Adaptive Learning solutions result in more relevant content, engaged learners and better business performance through a data-driven, responsive and personalized approach to learning.

RPS provides expertise, no matter where an organization is in its Adaptive Learning evolution, by building a road map to follow. We start by assessing your learning technology landscape. Whether your organization relies on a traditional enterprise learning management system or a more advanced, integrated Adaptive Learning infrastructure, we work with your system to help design, develop and deliver Adaptive Learning content to each learner.

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RPS offers:

  • Conversion from traditional content to micro-learning modules
  • Design, development and deployment of innovative courses, both online and instructor based
  • Design, configuration and implementation of integrated Adaptive Learning solutions — including learning record store and advanced Adaptive Learning platforms
  • Adaptive Learning content architecture

RPS offers integrated Adaptive Learning solutions in partnership with best-in-class industry platforms. Our algorithm-based learning systems use advanced analytics and machine learning to design the best micro-learning path. Natural language processing functionality allows us to quickly create and deploy new learning content from existing courses or digital assets.

RPS’ Secure Mobile Learning system is Experience API (xAPI) compliant, which through data analytics makes our system able to adapt to the learner’s needs. The learner’s progress, activities and experiences are all tracked in our system. Based on each learner’s roles in the organization and their tracked experiences, our system pushes adaptive micro-learning to their devices, makes recommendations for other experiences and even trigger events that are most meaningful and appropriate for their specific needs. We perform the necessary analytics to measure impact and make modifications to improve the overall learning and performance experience.

Adaptive Learning Infographic
Launch Infographic

Adaptive Learning Infographic

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