Training Rollouts

Enterprise Training Rollouts

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Ensure quality of large scale initiatives. Deliver on business goals.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) provides customized training solutions that drive the success of your important business initiative rollouts.

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, RPS tailors its approach to the unique needs of the organization and ensures the training solution aligns with key business goals and delivers a decisive business advantage. Across the globe, we have successfully managed rollouts, end to end, for large-scale initiatives such as:

We know Enterprise Training Rollouts (ETRs) are tied to strategies and goals that are critical to the organization's health and overall success. ETRs come with unique pressures and deadlines and require significant time and resources, sometimes over extended periods. Critical to the success of ETRs is training — of employees and, sometimes, customers. This training must be executed masterfully for the whole rollout initiative to achieve its goals. This is why RPS can help.

We have the experience and expertise — gained from multiple industries — developing and implementing solutions for ETRs that not only ensure the training is done right, but also addresses all the other elements of a successful enterprise rollout. Our experience allows us to quickly identify your organization's challenges and effectively address them in our solution.

In addition to delivering flawless rollout events, RPS will ensure:

  • Training is rolled out consistently to a geographically dispersed workforce or customer base
  • Training increases knowledge retention and employee engagement
  • Sales and product support teams are highly literate about new products and services
  • Launch events generate excitement for employees and customers
  • Every part and detail of rollout is managed to milestones, meeting every expectation for quality
  • Companies achieve critical business goals

We partner with you, and your internal and external stakeholders, to develop a plan that meets every program goal and milestone. We take the pressures of an ETR off you and your team, freeing you to focus on your daily priorities. Our solution can be turnkey or we can partner with your agencies to execute the project. Our performance-driven solutions include:

  • Training Solutions — Content Development and Delivery
  • Creative Solution Design
  • Tools and Technology
  • Program Management
  • Event Management
  • Logistics
  • Project Communications
  • Measurements/Evaluation
  • Sustainment

Product Launches

RPS has created exciting and engaging launch events — of all scopes and sizes — for products in industries as diverse as automotive and technology. The launches have included unique learning experiences and motivational brand experiences developed to increase product knowledge among sales and support employees as well as the end-customers. The results were speedy time to market, stronger product literacy and increased customer satisfaction.


Software and Systems Rollouts

The enterprise rollout of a new software or system can present many challenges for an organization. Rollouts often require not only effective training of users, but also a change in management approach to ensure sustainability. RPS has a wide breadth of experience implementing systems rollouts for global organizations whose ongoing success depended on this being done right — the first time.

Compliance and Regulatory Rollouts

These rollouts are often of the highest consequence for a business. In addition, they are often tied to new regulations that must be implemented for an organization and its workforce to be deemed compliant and qualified to engage in its business area. There are many risks involved and the rollout execution must be flawless. RPS, as part of Raytheon Company, has operational excellence in our DNA. We understand that failure is not an option and have the people, tools and processes to get the job done.