Message From Thomas A. Kennedy

A key strategy for Raytheon’s future is continuing to grow our business in global markets. However, international business transactions pose a wide range of risks, including the risk of corruption, which we take very seriously. That is why Raytheon is committed to the Global Principles of Business Ethics for the Aerospace and Defense Industry and takes a zero-tolerance stance against corruption.

Raytheon supports our anti-corruption program with personnel and resources to make the program effective. We have established a rigorous Anti-Corruption Sustainment program, which provides for the continuous assessment of our policies, practices and internal controls and for engaged collaboration to share best practices in preventing corruption. The Raytheon anti-corruption team is focused on deterring, detecting and correcting issues so that our reputation for integrity is never compromised.

We have published an overarching anti-corruption policy which provides the foundation for our program and the architecture for the integration of key compliance policies such as due diligence related to the retention of international representatives and consultants, and transparency in our books and records. We also provide ongoing education programs such as the FCPAware Series, available on this website to ensure that our employees remain knowledgeable and vigilant about risks related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Raytheon’s Board of Directors and senior leadership are fully engaged in setting the right tone at the top and in monitoring and leading our anti-corruption initiatives. Company leaders provide guidance to our program to ensure that policies and practices effectively address the risks we face. Together, with our employees and partners, we work to strengthen our culture of integrity that will not be compromised. I encourage you to share some of the learnings from this website, which serves as an introduction to our anti-corruption initiatives and provides a public declaration of our unwavering commitment to ethical business conduct.

Thank you for your support.

Thomas A. Kennedy

Chairman and CEO

Raytheon Company