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Past Leadership

Former Chief Executive Officers (First established in 1968)

2003-2014 William H. Swanson
1998-2003 Daniel P. Burnham
1991-1999 Dennis J. Picard
1968-1991 Thomas L. Phillips

Retired Chairmen of the Board of Directors (First established in 1948)

2004-2014 William H. Swanson
1999-2004 Daniel P. Burnham
1991-1999 Dennis J. Picard
1975-1991 Thomas L. Phillips
1964-1975 Charles F. Adams
1962-1964 no Chairman position
1960-1962 Charles F. Adams
1950-1960 no Chairman position
1948-1950 Laurence K. Marshall

The content on this page is classified as historical and the biographies therefore may contain dated information. See this important information regarding such content.

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