Rapid Response 3rd Generation (R2-3G)

R2-3G is the U.S. Army Program Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command’s follow on contract to the current Rapid Response (R2) contract. This is a multiple award IDIQ vehicle to provide critical equipment and engineering services to government system, platform and item managers worldwide. Any federal agency will be able to use the R2-3G contract and it will have a ceiling of $16.4 billion.

Rapid Response 3rd Generation (R2-3G) Contract Data:

Vehicle Type:
Contracting Agency:
Eligible Users:
Raytheon Role:
Government User Fee:
Task Order Types:
Contract End Date:

Contract Number:
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Multiple Agency, Multiple Award Contract (MAC)
U.S. Army, CECOM
All federal agencies
Oct. 28, 2017 (extended ordering period); work performed through 10/2022
$16.4 billion
Jim Banks, 401-842-5465


To provide support in areas of technology insertion, system integration/installation, fabrication/prototyping, testing/certification, studies/analyses, logistic support services, training and engineering support services, including re-engineering and reverse engineering, for a range of equipments and services. Requests for services will be released as a RTEP (Request for Task Execution Plan) with a PWS (Performance Work Statement) included. The following excerpt from paragraph 4 of the R2-3G PWS solicitation provides the technical task areas:


Performance work statements may encompass more than one task area listed below. Task examples are described to provide greater insight into the complexity and uniqueness of some potential Task Order requirements covered by this PWS.

  • 4.1 Technology Insertion, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering
  • 4.2 Software Engineering
    • 4.2.1 Software Quality Assurance
  • 4.3 Modeling and Simulation
  • 4.4 Installation
  • 4.5 Hardware

    The Contractor shall manufacture, acquire and assemble hardware only if incidental to the services of the Task Order…
  • 4.6 Test and Evaluation
  • 4.7 Certification
  • 4.8 Studies and Analyses
  • 4.9 Technical Data Management
    • 4.9.1 Product Data
    • 4.9.2 Configuration Management
  • 4.10 Logistics Support
    • 4.10.1 Operation, Maintenance and Repair
    • 4.10.2 Integrated Logistics Support
    • 4.10.3 Painting, Coating, Sealing and Preservation
    • 4.10.4 Publications
    • 4.10.5 Logistics Support Analyses
    • 4.10.6 Preservation, Packing and Marking
    • 4.10.7 Total Package Fielding (TPF)/Unit Set Fielding (USF)
    • 4.10.8 Customer Assistance & Technical Support
    • 4.10.9 Depot Maintenance Program
  • 4.11 Training and Exercise Support
  • 4.12 Acquisition Support
  • 4.13 Construction Support
  • 4.14 Army Team C4ISR Relocation Services
  • 4.15 Task Area Examples

    The following task areas are provided as a few examples of specific types of work that may be performed under this PWS. Task Order efforts may include, but are not limited to the following examples.
    • 4.15.1 Counter Narcoterrorism
    • 4.15.2 Chemical Biological Warfare
    • 4.15.3 Weapon System Development and Support
    • 4.15.4 Network Support
      • Voice Systems
      • Data Communications Systems
      • Transmission Systems
      • Video Systems
      • LAN/WAN Systems
      • Plant Cabling
      • Collaboration and Web based Networks
    • 4.15.5 Counter-Intelligence (CI) and Force Protection (FP)
    • 4.15.6 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Support
    • 4.15.7 Homeland Defense and Anti-Terrorism Technologies and Services