Raytheon Saudi Arabia

Raytheon in Saudi Arabia

Raytheon has been a close partner in Saudi Arabia's protection and development for more than 50 years, beginning with its first agreement to supply Hawk air defense systems to the kingdom in 1966.

The company has had an uninterrupted presence in Saudi Arabia ever since, establishing strong relations and strategic partnerships with Saudi industries and helping to build a knowledge-based economy. Its legacy includes construction of roads, a desalination plant and power plants — infrastructure that has helped drive the country's growth.

Today Raytheon has more than 400 employees in Saudi Arabia, and more than 40 percent of them are Saudis employed in highly valued, technical and management positions. Raytheon's relationships with companies like Atheeb, Pannesma and AEC date back decades.

The company also has a deep interest in helping Saudi students build careers in science, technology, engineering and math fields. It has inspired thousands of grade schoolers through the MathAlive! interactive exhibit and the Little Engineer curriculum — a joint program with INJAZ Saudi Arabia. It also has endowed a systems engineering chair at King Saud University and established the Saudi Arabia Leadership Development Program to groom young executives in the company.

In May 2017, Raytheon announced a new chapter in this close relationship with the kingdom: plans to create Raytheon Arabia, a Saudi legal entity wholly owned by Raytheon that will create indigenous products and services in defense, aerospace and security with an emphasis in the following areas:

  • Air defense systems
  • Smart munitions
  • Command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (commonly known as C4I)
  • Cybersecurity for defense systems and platforms