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Located in Freising, Germany, Raytheon Deutschland GmbH provides a range of military solutions for the German Air Force, Navy and other NATO partners. Our solutions include:

  • Advanced Radar Detection System (ARDS), the new standard in tracking and ranging stationary emitters.
  • System and software development for RF or complex EW applications.
  • Microwave module repair.
  • RF module and antenna calibration.
  • Test set automation.
  • Performance based logistics (PBL).
  • Life-cycle mission support.
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Advanced Radar Detection System (ARDS)

ARDS scans the RF-spectrum to identify and locate radar emitters, keeping pilots and aircraft safe, whether on reconnaissance and surveillance or combat support missions. 

  • ARDS is totally passive, calculating the location of emitters and providing technical information about them.
  • State-of-the-art-technology to simplify maintenance and logistics.
  • Future-proof technology to secure availability and operational capabilities.
  • Reconfigurable firmware and mission-specific algorithms.
  • Cost-effectiveness (COTS hardware and system scalability).
  • Tailorable to different platform requirements.
  • ITAR-free technology.

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The Advanced Radar Detection System, or ARDS, flies on an MQ-9 Predator drone during a 2019 test of the system. (Image courtesy of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., all rights reserved)

The Silent Intelligence Finder

System sweeps ground radar emissions from high in the sky

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At Raytheon Deutschland, we want talented professionals to come work on our groundbreaking technologies. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or an experienced professional and are looking for your next challenge, contact us to inquire about open positions.

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