Raytheon Canada Limited

Raytheon Canada Limited

Canadian company. International resources.

Raytheon Canada Limited is on a mission: to support the Canadian government, its armed forces and its global missions while strengthening the domestic industrial base.

Working closely with Raytheon partners around the world, Raytheon Canada Limited manufactures precision optics, builds powerful radars, manages critical North American air defense infrastructure and sustains systems that protect surface ships and fighter jets.

Raytheon Canada Limited started with a single location in Waterloo, Ontario in 1956. Today, the company, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, spans multiple sites across four provinces and two territories.

Midland, Ontario is home to Raytheon ELCAN, a renowned name in the world of precision optics. With modest beginnings at a curling rink, the company has evolved into a world-class centre for precision manufacturing and research and development.

In Calgary, Raytheon Canada Limited's sustainment center offers product support, upgrades and maintenance to systems such as the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System and the radar for the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18. The centre, which has been providing mission support to Canadian armed forces since 1992, is also recognized as a leader in logistics, supply chain management, systems integration and engineering.

Raytheon Canada Limited's campus in Waterloo, Ontario, is the world's foremost provider of solid-state air traffic control radars for both civil and military applications. There the company has also developed a High Frequency Surface Wave Radar system that can detect maritime traffic beyond the horizon to protect a country's 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone.

The company's work is evident across Canada and around the world. Raytheon Canada Limited manages the North Warning System, which detects airborne threats across North America's polar region. In Woodbridge, Ontario, Raytheon Canada Limited provides engineering design, system engineering services and manufacturing for Raytheon's Highway Tolling Systems business. That business is the largest supplier of all electronic open road tolling systems in North America with systems in Canada, the United States and Israel.

With a workforce that spans Canada and products that protect people and places around the world Raytheon Canada Limited is a global company with a local heart.