Avoke Analytics

AVOKE® Analytics

Complete View of Your Caller’s Experience

AVOKE® Analytics is a cloud-based whole call recording and analytics solution.

Unlike any other solution available in the market today AVOKE Analytics is the only one that captures and analyzes an entire call from start to finish. The comprehensive solution consists of the AVOKE Call Browser, the AVOKE Customer Effort Index, and the AVOKE QuickStart pilot program.

  • The AVOKE Call Browser is an innovative system that records calls in the telecom network and provides analytics in a hosted web application. It transparently records customer experiences from dialing-to-hang-up including your Interactive Voice Response, all transfers, internal call centers, and partner sites.
  • The AVOKE Customer Effort Index is a benchmarking service that uses automated measurements to show your progress reducing customer effort and compare your data to other companies and industries.
  • The AVOKE QuickStart Pilot is a structured evaluation program designed to give you hands-on experience with the AVOKE Call Browser system in your environment. Implementation takes just a couple weeks, after which AVOKE Professional Services analysts guide your team through a series of workshops.