Unifying the Battlefield

Raytheon unveils new remote IT operations support system

Unifying the Battlefield

Unify, a Raytheon-developed tool, delivers remote IT support for mission operations worldwide, in real-time, even in areas with low-speed connections

A Raytheon developed tool that delivers remote IT support for mission critical operations anywhere in the world is ready for battle.

The Unify hardware and software system lets operators at secure command centers access any connected system, gear or forward – deployed infrastructure worldwide, in real-time – even when connection speeds are low. Unify can connect to almost anything that has an IP address and internet access. That means technicians who once had to travel great distances – at great expense – to upgrade software or support a complex system can now do so remotely.

“Users can operate, maintain and make updates to various systems – radar arrays, satellite communications systems, aircraft and other computer systems – that may be deployed in austere conditions,” said Bill Cain, solutions architect in Raytheon's Intelligence, Information and Services business. “Even with limited connectivity speeds, Raytheon’s solution is so responsive that an operator would never guess they were sitting 10,000 miles away from the system they’re interacting with.”

Unify can help military and intelligence customers meet the challenge of working within strict budget constraints. Raytheon’s first implementation of Unify saved an intelligence community customer $35 million annually by reducing the number of overseas personnel required to service and maintain its systems.

“The cost savings Unify delivered to our intelligence community customer translate readily to other government or military missions,” said Todd Probert, Raytheon’s vice president of Mission Support and Modernization. “From Patriot to Command and Control capabilities, Unify can plug in to the enterprise and enhance mission capabilities while lowering costs.”

Unify adapts to a wide range of missions, from IT support to mission management. As an example, Unify could allow for remote maintenance of forward-deployed battlefield devices, and update them with mission-specific software and information when requirements change – all in real time.

And because Raytheon has made continuous investments in Unify, the system is mature and ready for immediate deployment.

“Unify is a proven, low-risk solution,” said Probert. “Raytheon has already committed internal research and development funds to refine the system, and the metrics from prior Unify implementations speak for themselves.”

Published On: 10/07/2015
Last Updated: 01/26/2018