A Ride with Pride

Soldier Ride Boston 2015 showcases support for wounded warriors

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Wounded veterans and their supporters, including Raytheon employees, rode through eastern Massachusetts during Soldier Ride Boston 2015. (Photo by Mark Androchuk)

More than 50 wounded veterans, accompanied by an army of volunteers, spent three days cycling through eastern Massachusetts for Soldier Ride Boston 2015. They cruised around the bent elbow of Cape Cod, then took a ferry to Boston for a Red Sox game before embarking to the historic town of Concord.

Raytheon was a leading supporter of the Sept. 26 ride– part of its deep commitment to support members of the military, veterans and their families.

Of the $122,000 raised to hold this year’s Soldier Ride Boston, more than $37,000 came from 600 donors to Raytheon's participants. There were 34 volunteers from the company who rode along with the wounded warriors, and another 52 Raytheon volunteers who helped to coordinate the community ride, starting in Concord.

"As I looked around during Soldier Ride, it was heartwarming to see all the Raytheon employees, family and friends on-site to support the event,” said Bob Connors, Raytheon’s Wounded Warriors program manager. “I had the honor of riding all three days with more than 50 of the most resilient and inspirational wounded warriors, and I hope we showed them Raytheon has their back.”

The annual event, sponsored by the national nonprofit Wounded Warrior Project, is meant to encourage bonding between, and show support for, injured veterans. Soldier Ride often marks the first time injured veterans participate in an event that is physically and emotionally challenging. The community ride covers some 30 miles of historic Massachusetts roads.

Soldier Ride events are held across the U.S. and in Germany. In 2008, President George W. Bush called Soldier Ride “the most inspiring athletic event in the country.”

Published On: 09/29/2015
Last Updated: 12/13/2017