Remembrance and Future: Helping Families of Fallen Soldiers

children express themselves by drawing pictures of their loved ones

As part of a week-long therapeutic camp sponsored by Raytheon, children express themselves by drawing pictures of their loved ones killed while serving in the military.

More than 20 children and their families gathered recently at a hotel in Sianozety, Poland, for a week-long therapeutic camp sponsored by Raytheon. All participants shared something in common – they are coping with the loss of a loved one who died while serving in the Polish military.

“Age doesn’t matter here; everyone’s sense of loss is the same,” said Monika Nosek, president of the Association of Families of Fallen Soldiers "Remembrance and Future.”

The goal of the camp was to gather the families of fallen soldiers for fellowship and therapeutic workshops. The association, which was founded in 2012, creates an environment for families to be together, acknowledge their loss, learn coping mechanisms and have some fun as a family. 

The children at the camp ranged in age from 2 to 17. Youngsters shared their feelings while drawing pictures and playing games.

The adults attended discussion groups to help them work through their grief and make connections with others who can relate to their daily struggles. Participants also took a one-day boat trip along the Baltic Sea coast.  

A mother in attendance who lost her son in combat said that meeting other families gave her inner peace knowing she had their support and could continue to lean on eachother after the camp ends.

“We are thankful for Raytheon’s generous donation for making such activities possible and helping build family relationships,” Nosek said.

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Published On: 08/30/2016
Last Updated: 12/15/2017