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Blackbird Technologies capabilities have now been integrated into Raytheon's portfolio of products and services

 Blackbird Technologies

In November 2014, Raytheon announced its acquisition of Blackbird Technologies, expanding Raytheon's special operations capabilities in tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, secure tactical communications and cybersecurity across a broad spectrum of globally dispersed platforms and communications networks.

Blackbird Technologies provides key synergies with Raytheon's existing cybersecurity, sensor, communications and command and control capabilities. As a result Blackbird's technologies have now been integrated into Raytheon's broad portfolio of products and services. Click the links below to access their new pages on www.raytheon.com, and update any bookmarks to reflect the changes.




AtmosphereX™ is a high-performance, global social media data search, processing and analytics platform. Users can analyze real-time and historical social media data from multiple sources. AtmosphereX allows users to research and discover terms, themes, sentiment, accounts and social networks via an intuitive, web-based interface, using advanced text- and map-based data visualizations and natural language processing algorithms.



BAT Personnel Tracking Device  

The ability to locate and track personnel and allow them to securely communicate and signal an emergency situation are critical elements in operational missions. Raytheon's satellite-based beaconing and messaging device, the Blackbird Asset Tracker™ (BAT™) offers crucial situational awareness in mission-critical situations




The ability to track equipment and centrally manage assets is critical to mission execution and operational effectiveness. Raytheon's satellite-based tracking and asset-recovery devices, FoxII™ and iFoxII™, can be overtly or covertly embedded on a wide variety of host platforms for superior on-the-move monitoring.




Seamless and secure tracking and communication among mission planners, field personnel and central command elements are essential to mission success. Raytheon's Gotham™ system is a comprehensive back-end solution for monitoring, operating and managing tagging, tracking and locating (TTL) devices and viewing associated geospatial data.




Raytheon has designed Harrier™ to discreetly provide on-the-move tracking and command, control and communications (C3) on Android-based mobile devices.



Panther and iPanther

Raytheon designed the Panther™ and iPanther™ Personnel Trackers to permit isolated, missing or threatened VIPs to send a distress signal and be tracked — anywhere in the world.




Raytheon's SkyBridge™ satellite communications module pairs with any Raytheon mobile application to provide global connectivity, including in areas where cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable.

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Published On: 11/15/2016
Last Updated: 12/18/2017