Opportunity awaits for SA students

New initiative formed between Raytheon Australia and Fremont-Elizabeth City High School

Deputy General Manager AWD Andrew Whittaker

Deputy General Manager AWD Andrew Whittaker presents former Fremont-Elizabeth City High School and now mechanical engineer student Bradley Taylor with the inaugural Raytheon Australia scholarship.

Raytheon Australia and Adelaide-based Fremont-Elizabeth City High School recently demonstrated their commitment to providing tertiary education opportunities for the next generation.

The initiative involves the award of a $2,000 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-inspired scholarship to one of the school’s Year 12 students each year.

Recipient of the inaugural 2014 scholarship is University of South Australia student and budding mechanical engineer Bradley Taylor, who plans to use the funds to purchase a new laptop computer and course-specific software.

Deputy Principal Annette Ryan sees the venture as a positive move that will provide new opportunities for those affected by a downturn in the automotive industry, or who may struggle with the financial burden of further education. “There are many financial pressures that students and their families face while studying at university and this type of industry support is invaluable,” Ryan said. “We remain optimistic that submarine, shipbuilding and other advanced manufacturing industries will be the key to future jobs in the northern suburbs… and it is part of our duty of care to students to ensure they are steered toward subjects that will lead them into a more secure career path.”

Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward supported Ryan’s stance on encouraging further education, saying, “We are proud to add this new relationship to our ongoing campaign to motivate and inspire young Australians into becoming the next generation of leaders in engineering and technology through studying STEM subjects...On behalf of Raytheon, I congratulate Bradley on receiving this award and wish him all the best during his studies and for a future career in engineering.”

Published On: 03/26/2015
Last Updated: 12/06/2017