Math gets fun

MathMovesU marks more than a decade of helping students succeed

Raytheon's MathAlive

Raytheon's MathAlive! interactive, traveling exhibit inspires students to explore math and science.


Our MathMovesU® program recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of empowering middle school students to pursue math and science education.

From live events and scholarships to contests and curricula, the program continues to deliver hands-on, interactive learning for kids. A number of our employees even say MathMovesU is what first got them interested in STEM careers as middle school students.

Last year, Raytheon awarded $300,000 in MathMovesU scholarships and grants for middle school students to attend STEM learning camps or save for college. We also support a MathAlive!® touring exhibit that travels internationally and recently embarked on a U.S. tour of military bases to show kids that math and science shape much of what they already love — video games, sports, music and more. The tremendous popularity of MathAlive! inspired us to build a second touring exhibit.

Published On: 04/23/2016
Last Updated: 12/15/2017