The Lessons in the Stories

Communication is critical to identifying and resolving ethical concerns

Raytheon provides employees with training and resources to help build the company's ethical culture.

Raytheon provides employees with training and resources to help build the company's ethical culture.

A team leader lands a sizable contract with an international customer and then learns the sales commission he promised his business partner is higher than local law allows. Can he save the deal without crossing an ethical line?

Based on actual cases like this one, Raytheon's award-winning FCPAware and EthicSpace videos take a dramatic approach to helping employees recognize and resolve ethics challenges in their daily work. The storylines delve into such topics as how to handle gifts, uphold product integrity, avoid conflicts of interest and comply with legal requirements.

Additional resources such as our online CodeBreakers articles, which highlight real cases, also help decipher ethical issues. And we advise employees through the Ethics Checkpoint program, which also offers leadership courses. Providing anytime access to ethics guidance gives our people the confidence to meet Raytheon's business goals with integrity. Open communication about ethics helps us identify policy gaps, strengthen our internal controls and develop more effective processes to maintain our customers' and partners' trust.

Ethics is important within our company — and across our industry. We earned a 2015 Transparency International® UK "A" ranking for our anti-corruption policies, and we continue to share advice and collaborate with aerospace and defense leaders across the globe.

We share best practices for ethics and business conduct in partnership with the Defense Industry Initiative and the Ethics & Compliance Initiative, and we sponsor a lecture series at Bentley University to help promote business ethics. Also, Raytheon Chairman and CEO Thomas A. Kennedy addressed ethics in the global marketplace as part of his remarks at the 2015 International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct.

Communication is crucial to identifying and resolving ethical concerns. We work to reduce risk in our company by encouraging people to speak up when they have questions or concerns about a course of action that might not feel right.

Published On: 04/24/2016
Last Updated: 12/15/2017