Information technology serves up sustainability

Green IT dramatically improves the efficiency of Raytheon systems

Information technology serves up sustainability

IT can lead the way toward sustainability across an organization.

Sustainability is bigger than just information technology. But IT can help lead the way.

That’s Brian Moore’s approach. As program lead for our Green IT initiative, Moore sees our IT operations as a prime example of sustainability in action and an ideal opportunity to influence other areas of the company.

“It’s a persistent, companywide application of best practices across each business,” he says. “We’re able to leverage technology, collaboration and Six Sigma continuous improvement thinking.”

Green IT dramatically improves the efficiency of our computing systems and other operations. The program generated 550 kilowatts of power savings last year and has reduced more than 3 megawatts in IT-related infrastructure since 2010.

Our transition to more cloud-based computing has allowed Raytheon to decommission, consolidate or virtualize more than 6,000 servers since 2008 — significantly reducing energy and space requirements. We’ve worked with our facilities experts to create more efficient sites and buildings. Wireless sensors in data centers create optimal airflow and stabilize temperature settings, further reducing energy costs.

Insights from Green IT will influence even more sophisticated solutions for future energy savings. For example, we’re exploring the use of predictive analytics in our data centers to reduce server energy use during low-demand periods.

While IT is an ideal place to start, Moore knows that opportunities across Raytheon are endless. “Sustainability is a really fertile area for process improvement,” he says. “We can achieve it anywhere with a strategic approach.”

Published On: 04/24/2016
Last Updated: 12/15/2017