Forward without fear

Forcepoint, powered by Raytheon, combines effective cyber defenses

cloud-centric Forcepoint security platform

Cybersecurity doesn't have to be scary. It shouldn't be clunky, either.

That's the idea behind Forcepoint™, a new joint venture combining Raytheon Cyber Products' cross-domain and insider threat solutions; Websense® malware protection, real-time content analysis and online threat detection capabilities; and Stonesoft next-generation firewall technology. Our cloud-centric approach stresses empowerment over anxiety and efficiency over complexity.

"We believe a secure Internet environment can be a powerful force for social as well as economic good," says Forcepoint CEO Matthew Moynahan. "Our solutions protect users, data and networks so you can run your business fearlessly."

Forcepoint melds all three organizations' very different yet highly complementary strengths in cybersecurity. "Websense has always been great at keeping hackers, viruses and other malicious code from coming in and preventing sensitive information from leaking out," says Moynahan. "Raytheon adds some very powerful technology against insider threats. And with Stonesoft, we layer in some of the most sophisticated network security technology on the market."

Beyond simply monitoring network behavior and blocking unauthorized access, the technology we bring to Forcepoint can analyze people's risky actions and help determine whether they are accidental — such as clicking on a suspicious link in email — or a willful attempt to plant malware or save confidential files onto a flash drive. "Knowing what's behind the behavior lets you respond more appropriately, whether that's enacting new policies and training programs or taking legal action," Moynahan says. Forcepoint solutions also automate nearly all of an organization's routine security monitoring and threat mitigation tasks, reducing costs while letting IT professionals focus on mission-critical work. "We're improving the efficiency of a cybersecurity workforce that's already stretched pretty thin around the globe," he adds.

It's all part of Forcepoint's 4D Security approach: Defend against attacks, detect suspicious activity sooner, decide what actions to take, and defeat attempts to steal valuable or sensitive data.

"Our new company brings together a wealth of experience developed on some of the toughest security front lines," says Moynahan. "With fewer threats to worry about, the organizations we serve can do better things for their customers, communities and society."

Published On: 04/23/2016
Last Updated: 12/15/2017