Many eyes, half the weight

Raytheon unveils compact Multi-Spectral Targeting System sensor

Multi-Spectral Targeting System

Raytheon’s legendary Multi-Spectral Targeting System is now available in a small, lightweight turret suited for military rotary-wing, fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft.

The turret is small, but its vision is mighty.

Raytheon Company is developing a smaller, lightweight version of its Multi-Spectral Targeting System, a sensor turret that sees in infrared and the visible spectrum and delivers detailed intel in high-definition, full motion video. The Compact MTS, a 12-inch turret weighing less than 60 pounds, is designed for exportability and best-in-class performance.

The new, compact version has the same imaging and targeting capabilities that have made the MTS product family, including MTS-A, MTS-B, MTS-C and MTS-D (AN/DAS-4), the sensor of choice for U.S. military imaging and targeting systems:   

  • High definition sensors covering the spectral bands from visible to long wave infrared
  • Diode pump laser designator/rangefinder
  • Laser target marker
  • Automated bore sight alignment
  • Three-mode target tracker
  • Automated moving target acquisition
  • Built-in provisions for future growth

“The Compact MTS delivers capabilities of sensors nearly twice its size at half the weight, making it ideally suited for platforms where space is at premium,” said Roy Azevedo, vice president of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems at Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems. “We’ve taken more than four million combat flight hours of experience and packed them into a compact turret.”  

Raytheon has delivered more than 3,000 MTS systems on a wide range of platforms, including remotely piloted aircraft like the MQ-9 Reaper, helicopters like the MH-60 Seahawk and fixed-wing aircraft like C-130J Hercules. MTS is known for superior performance and reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost.

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Published On: 06/19/2017
Last Updated: 01/26/2018