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"RPS does not see itself as a typical learning service organisation. Instead, it sees itself in a privileged situation where it can leverage very sophisticated tech/tools (part of RTX's DNA). These tech/tools can go beyond what would be expected from a learning services provider to design and develop bespoken performance solutions for clients. - Nelson Hall, Industry Analyst. Click to get started.

Government / Military


For nearly a century, Raytheon Professional Services has provided training solutions for clients in high-consequence environments such as NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. and foreign governments and militaries. We help our customers turn their workforce into experts, and their goals into achievements.

With our experience and cutting-edge learning technologies, RPS delivers training solutions that prepare individuals and teams to solve problems effectively and execute flawlessly in stressful situations. Our smart solutions help upskill government and service personnel to deliver value and future-proof learning across boundaries. Our application of transformative technology, training and learning solutions deliver best-in-class training for our customers to accelerate the use of new technology, processes and learning solutions, and position their forces to thrive in the 21st century.

Every day, RPS delivers solutions that keep our customers mission-ready. Our training professionals work in more than 141 countries and 33 languages, providing immersive, innovative learning solutions, for any domain and any challenge.

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Architect Methodology:

Architect™ is our unique curriculum analysis method, enabled by expertise and tools, and not a database on its own. Getting the foundation right and removing redundant, unneeded content not only streamlines the courses, but lays the foundation for moving to more modern media for delivery. Our clients want better training and training outcomes that deliver increased capability to their operations. The outcome of RPS' Architect is a collaborative focus on skills development and an optimal blend of formal and informal training.

Transforming Training:

RPS’ approach to training modernisation is not only about deploying and utilising new delivery modalities, it's also about establishing a robust curriculum structure founded on the science of learning. This proven approach provides learners with an innovative and streamlined path to mastery, expanding the learning pipeline, while introducing additional practice opportunities and learning experiences. The outcome is increased learner confidence, performance and resilience.

Learning Vision and Strategy:

RPS’ Learning Strategists collaborate with your team to explore and identify ways to align learning to the business, increase agility to respond to changing organisational requirements and focus on learner centricity to increase workforce speed-to-performance. Our skilled facilitators guide teams in the identification of specific interventions to move the organisation toward each milestone with defined metrics. Through expert facilitation and activities, the team explores the “art of the possible” by reframing obstacles as a question, “how can we?”

Optimal Learning Blend:

In support of a learner’s path to mastery, we leverage a variety learning of media to ensure continued engagement, while also building upon career experiences. As the learner moves through their career progression, we recognise the importance of delivering learning that understands and respects each learner’s knowledge and level of experience, yet ensures that the learning is completed and validated. Through our Architect™ approach, we design learning modalities to leverage their experience and knowledge while providing the ability to easily refresh and review as needed.

Industry Awards
Our Government & Military training programmes are recognised annually by leading consulting organisations including Forbes, CLO Magazine, Training Industry, and Workforce Magazine.

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Transforming Training
As a partner of the Fisher consortium, we have been awarded a critical part of the programme to modernise the Royal Navy's curriculum.

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EXIM & Global Trade
RPS designed, implemented and operated an enterprise-wide learning programme, leading to a reduction in violations of U.S. export/import (EX/IM) regulations by over 90%, and enabling further international business growth.

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At the heart of our business is our emphasis on putting our customers first and strong culture of collaboration to deliver outcomes that matter and build relationships that last.

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