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"RPS' learning solution will support the goal of delivering the right training to the right people at the right time allowing individuals to possess the skills and competencies necessary to perform their assigned duties." -Customer Outcome.  Click to get started.

Aviation/ Aerospace


For almost a century, RPS has designed learning solutions for our customers in aerospace and aviation, including NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and leading aerospace contractors. We help our customers turn their workforce into experts, and their goals into achievements.

Our approach to working in these industries is similar to how we develop and sustain all of our customer relationships; to provide operational excellence through a strong foundation of established people, processes and tools. Our organisational culture is driven by lean, agile principles and is biased toward smart optimisation.

Our account and programme managers maintain close working relationships with our customers to assure our teams remain in touch with key industry trends, new product releases and regulatory considerations that may impact our customers’ organisations. We understand and respond to the specific learning needs of the aviation and aerospace industries given the rapid pace of change and the level of product specialisation.

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Leadership Development:

We’ve identified the critical skills, capabilities and behaviours required to lead in today’s evolving environment. Unlock your potential and help your drive team and organisational performance.

Critical Thinking:

Leaders today must evaluate, prioritise data to make forecasts and risk-assessments. Our programmes streamline the process to help you make informed decisions.

Innovation Workshops:

Successful leaders are increasingly judged on their ability to create and adapt innovative business solutions. Rediscover your own creativity and apply it to your innovative business solutions.

Strategic Visioning:

RPS’ learning consultants provide the thought leadership and deep learning expertise to move your organisation forward. Our highly collaborative and engaging approach enables our customers to design a vision and roadmap to effective organisational and workforce transformation.

Industry Awards
Our Aviation and Aerospace training programmes are recognised annually by leading consulting organisations including Forbes, CLO Magazine and Brandon Hall.

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Critical Thinking
Today’s businesses are inundated with information about processes, customers and markets. Leaders must then evaluate and prioritise these data to make accurate forecasts and informed risk assessments. RPS’ Critical Thinking programme can help you learn how to streamline this process and make informed decisions in a collaborative environment.

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Strategic Visioning
RPS’ Strategic Visioning workshops offer highly interactive sessions that enables a team to craft a unified vision and goal for the next 3 to 5 years. Our experienced facilitators collaborate and lead your team to identify key milestones, define measurable improvement targets and establish an executable tactical plan that ensures engagement and accountability.

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At the heart of our business is our emphasis on putting our customers first and strong culture of collaboration to deliver outcomes that matter and build relationships that last.

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