Training Delivery

Training Delivery

Delivering the Right Training at the Right Time

Making the right training available at the right time and in the right way elevates the impact of your training and accommodates different learning preferences. Training delivery can include a customised blend of multiple delivery formats — both formal and informal — that shorten the usual time to proficiency.


Instructor-Led Training (ILT): Our ILT focuses on the learning elements that will benefit most from direct, personal mentoring and instruction by our extended network of training facilitators.

Web-Based Training (WBT): Our engaging and interactive WBT can be accessed and completed at a time and pace best suited to the individual learner. In an age of social learning, we can adapt our WBT courses into microlearning modules, providing learners with the knowledge they require when they need it.

Virtual Classroom Training (VCT): RPS' VCT combines many benefits of instructor-led training with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of distance learning. Through VCT, learners receive direct, personal instruction from experienced, certified trainers using a range of online presentation and interactive tools — without having to leave their workplace or home. This minimises facilitation and travel costs while retaining the flexibility of our web-based courses.

Live 360 Training: RPS have now enhanced our existing VCT solution to the next level with Live 360 Training - successfully combining the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training. Live 360 enhances the training and learning experience for employees, while embedding knowledge, skills and assertiveness. With its ability to cascade content and data, which is supplemented by multi-layered blend of verbal, written and video interaction, Live 360 ensures training is reaching a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, and in a shorter timeframe.

Mobile Learning: Through this delivery method, learners have immediate access to information and training at the point of need and use. Raytheon's Mobile Learning solution ensures your proprietary information is protected from development through to distribution.

Training Delivery

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