Measurement & Evaluation

Measurement & Evaluation

A great learning programme, like any great structure, is built in phases, incorporating lessons learned along the way. Measuring and evaluating the success of a training program is more than finding out how well the learners score on a course. Organisations must evaluate their program’s health at every level, from the performance of the individual instructors to the overall impact this training has on their business.

Raytheon Professional Services’ experienced team of learning experts provide comprehensive assessments of the health of a training program. We work closely with clients to establish metrics at four different levels to judge the program’s operational success, learner engagement and competency.

We measure the impact training has had on learners’ day-to-day work lives and assess performance metrics to determine the program’s overall success in meeting strategic business objectives.

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RPS establishes a learning and performance strategy that positively impact the organisation in the following ways:

  • Business Leaders: Consistently engaged in providing strategic direction for L&D initiatives
  • L&D Leaders: Able to track and report positive impact on business goals, learning objectives and return on investment
  • Learning: Well positioned to support career development and talent management
  • Talent Pipeline: Robust candidates who meet the enterprises' evolving needs
  • Learning Operations and Infrastructure: Integrated across the enterprise
  • L&D Leaders: Contributing to strategic business development

We monitor business performance against critical key performance indicators. We collect high-level, even global-level business metrics from our customers and use advanced analytics to identify relationships with the training program. This in-depth analysis is central to our ability to deliver and refine training programs that are tied to our customers’ objectives.

RPS measures overall learning impact using Kirkpatrick’s Levels 1–4 and even Level 5, Return on Investment. Whether using paper-based Level 1 learner satisfaction surveys, sophisticated online knowledge assessment systems, workplace competency measurement or business results analysis, RPS ensures customers can reduce front-line resources, time spent training, overall training costs and physical infrastructure while increasing quality, scalability to current and future needs, alignment to generational learning and rapid deployment of emerging learning technologies.

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