Live 360 Training

Live 360 Training


New technologies have changed the way people connect with information – this is certainly true in training. The trend is now for employees to search online and view videos when wanting to learn something new and digest the content in bite-size chunks wherever they are.

RPS have now enhanced our existing VCT solution to the next level with Live 360 Training - successfully combining the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training. Live 360 enhances the training and learning experience for employees, while embedding knowledge, skills and assertiveness. With its ability to cascade content and data, which is supplemented by multi-layered blend of verbal, written and video interaction, Live 360 ensures training is reaching a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, and in a shorter timeframe.

Virtual Product Demonstration

Live 360 Training also overcomes the challenges of training asset/product availability. Through Live 360’s use of green screen technology, combined with high resolution video production, it allows participants to see a virtual model of the product (if an actual product is unavailable) while the training is being delivered. This allows the trainer to view and demonstrate particular features of a product in a more comprehensive and inclusive way, and in much greater detail than a conventional VCT.

During Live 360 Training, learners:

  • Have direct access to communicate with the trainer and other learners
  • Are able to ask questions, make comments and observations via a message board functionality that is responded to instantly
  • Feel more engaged with subject matter; making the training more effective, memorable and motivational


For the launch of their new Q50 model, Infiniti wanted to use Live 360 to train all of their sales teams across Europe, in a very short time period, on all aspects of the new car.

Over a 2 week period a total of:

  • 27 Live 360 sessions / over 33 hours of training was delivered
  • To 250 delegates
  • In 6 different languages (EN, FR, DE, NL, IT, PL)

Importantly Live 360 Training is a solution that is ‘future-proof’ and multipurpose. The different ways to use Live 360 include demonstrations of new applications (via filmed interviews with subject matter experts), sales and marketing coaching and corporate broadcast type announcements.

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