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Student Information

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Welcome to Cyber Academy

The Cyber Academy is a retraining programme designed to develop a new generation of Cyber Security Specialists to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to feed the burgeoning market for the skills required to defend against the ever evolving threats of the digital age. It has been created in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority as part of the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund.

Why should I pursue a career in Cyber?

Every day there are 900K+ cyber-attacks on our biggest global businesses. By 2021 there will be an estimated shortage of 3.5 million information security workers worldwide. Statistics like these mean that employers are actively seeking trained Cyber Security talent. This means that Cyber Security training can open the door to a new career and opportunities. The renumeration is competitive too, with salaries ranging from £20,000 to £80,000 depending on experience*.

*Data from

Who can apply?

The Cyber Academy is suitable for motivated and committed applicants, who aspire to a career in the UK Tech Sector. A keen interest in, or desire to learn about programming, computing and technology is essential. Applicants will also need to be prepared to meet the demands of a rigorous study programme.

We welcome delegates who reside in the Greater Manchester area from all backgrounds. Examples of profiles who may wish to apply include:

  • Parents and Care-givers
  • Those returning to employment with some prior IT experience
  • Those engaged with IT as a hobby
  • First line IT technicians
  • IT Graduates struggling to secure employment
  • Former IT Apprentices

NB The Cyber Academy currently has a limited amount of funding to provide this training to residents of Greater Manchester, at zero cost to the successful applicants. But don’t delay as these places will fill quickly.

How does the Academy work?

Our flexible options are designed to encourage applications from candidates who may have other commitments and time limitations. Whichever option you choose, you will need to to dedicate the study time required.

Route 1 - Fast Track

  • 23 days of classroom training delivered in block format 3-5 days
  • 80 Hours of online learning
  • Virtual coaching support
  • Industry Experience events
  • 10 days work experience at a sponsoring employer

Route 2 - Part Time

  • Classroom training delivered evenings and on weekends for a total of 16 days
  • 100 Hours of online learning
  • Virtual coaching support
  • Industry Experience events
  • 10 days work experience at a sponsoring employer

These routes are subject to change and depend various factors including individual employer and student needs

How does the application process work?

The application process consists of three stages:

  • IT – IQ Assessment (CompTIA)
  • Maths and English Assessment
  • Video Blog interviews

What does the programme cover?

Anti Virus and Malware, Cyber Security Fundamentals, Cyber Threats, basic Python programming, Windows Security, Information Assurance, Network Security, Cloud Security, Mobile and Wireless Security and Social Engineering.

What's in it for me?

  • Cyber Security training from one of the largest global leaders in the Cyber Security industry
  • Knowledge and skills in Cyber Security that will enable you to start a career in Cyber Security
  • Qualifications awarded by CompTIA (subject to exam results):
    • A+
    • Network+
  • Work experience with a local technology employer
  • Support and careers advice to help you gain your next career
  • Invitation to careers and recruitment events held by the Academy sponsors
  • 12 month subscription to an online video learning platform with over 4000 hours of learning content

How can I apply?

Click here to apply now >>


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