Cyber Academy

Cyber Academy

What is Cyber Academy?

The Cyber Academy is a retraining programme designed to create a new generation of Cyber Security Technicians, who will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to secure Cyber Security related employment. It has been created in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority as part of the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund. The Fast Track Fund is supported by Greater Manchester Combined Authority, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership to address the digital skills gaps across Greater Manchester and Lancashire. This fund has been designed to help support the local economy by building on the key digital skills requirements employers have identified. It will also create inclusive opportunities for groups of people who don’t currently have access to these digital opportunities including BAME communities, unemployed or underemployed individuals, women and ex-armed forces personnel.

Why now?

Cyber Security has become the hot topic in the tech sector, with daily cyber attacks on our biggest global businesses. By 2021 there will be an estimated shortage of 3 million information security workers worldwide. Statistics like this means that employers are actively seeking trained Cyber Security talent.

Why Raytheon Professional Services?

Cyber Academy's Training curriculum stems from unmatched expertise — the kind that can only come from one of the largest training and technology organizations in the world. Raytheon Professional Services delivers proven training programs and best practices across the entire cyber operations spectrum and integrates cyber operations training into hybrid mission planning to optimize operational effects. We partner with an extensive network of industry and university experts to translate deep technical knowledge about the latest threats, exploitation techniques, malware and advanced defensive strategies into relevant, up-to-date training. RPS uses Cyber Operations Training programs within our own global workforce to manage computer network operations and defences, as well as to enhance the skills and situational awareness of our personnel across multiple disciplines within the company.

RPS is committed to building partnerships that centre around continuous learning. We remain engaged with students — even after completing formal training — to ensure they are continually updated on new threats, vulnerabilities and best practices. We offer access to our most innovative and secure virtual platform to provide simple to complex simultaneous learning and a mechanism for continuous professional development.

Our cyber training is developed based on our need to maintain our own cyber workforce of more than 3,000 cyber professionals. We apply and deliver this expertise to enhance the skills and situational awareness of students working across multiple disciplines and domains.

Who can benefit from Cyber Academy?


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Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport

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