Content Design & Development

Content Design & Development

Learning organisations seek content solutions that work best for learners, and for the chosen delivery methods that can handle an array of specialised courses for their groups. Courses bought off the shelf can lead to a huge amount of content stored on different systems without ongoing management and attention to quality and relevance.


Our Learning Design & Development experts’ path to improved efficiencies and cost reduction includes:

  • Focus on performance-based learning solutions and business impact
  • Flexible onshore/offshore shared service centers enabling variable demand and global scalability
  • Agile, efficient development processes that drive speed to deployment and ensure quality
  • Cost reductions achieved through:
    • Standardised industry best practices and technologies
    • Vendor oversight and aggregation
    • Elimination of redundancy in content and learning assets
    • Efficient project management and financial tracking/reporting

Content Development

Raytheon Professional Services Development Centre of Excellence creates flexible, customised and engaging learning content that results in improved learner performance through various modalities, including:

  • Mobile learning
  • Virtual classroom
  • Classroom
  • Performance support tools
  • eLearning
  • Video, illustrative video and interactive video
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Augmented reality
  • Gaming and gamification

RPS’ approach to course development utilises a disciplined strategy to ensure optimal cost, schedule and quality, while offering a flexible development process that incorporates Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE), Agile and collaborative method.

We start from where you need us to — from your must-haves or a blank slate. We add a sixth element — maintenance—to refine and evolve courses as needs and priorities change — and offer a translation process that ensures learners are presented with content in their language.

Figure 1

RPS’ approach transcends all workforce types and is applicable to any industry:

  • Technical services: automotive, heavy duty equipment
  • Professional services: operations, management, financial services
  • Industrial: manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical
  • Sales: products and services
  • Government: military, air traffic control

Content Curation

RPS’ content curation services help organisations of all sizes get control of their content, organize it for better access by learners and source or build new content to fill gaps. RPS ensures all content is aligned to organisations’ learning objectives. Here’s how.

Figure 2


RPS’ proven tools and methodologies develop an integrated, customised road map and deliver the best learning solution.

By first identifying critical areas and determining which elements in the training value stream need to be addressed, RPS can build the best solution framework to meet your challenges and business goals.

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Blended Learning

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Training Needs Analysis

The foundation for a successful learning plan is the needs analysis upon which training is based. This analysis — both the content and the learning paths — is fully addressed with your business goals in mind. Training is designed to ensure that your sales, manufacturing, technical and leadership teams are ready to take your business forward.

Data Analytics

Data helps target specific performance areas for focus by identifying the most frequent issues, causes and viable solutions. This diagnostic drives the learning solution design starting with the most critical areas and highest impact. Performance Analysis Learning solutions must support an organisation’s corporate training strategy to be effective. By understanding what drives your success, RPS analysts assess skill levels to identify gaps in learning that impact performance, and we address those gaps with the right training.

Curriculum Analysis

An optimally blended learning solution significantly increases learner satisfaction and reduces overall training costs. RPS employs a process and toolset that ensures each learning objective is aligned to an organisational objective and delivered in an efficient, cost-effective method; sequenced into lessons, modules and courses for optimum blend.

The result is an integrated design and development process where content is more rapidly produced, flexibly delivered and expertly blended.

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