Whether you’re preparing for global operations at sea or on land, a cyber pro at a keyboard or a pilot or crew operating a surveillance aircraft, the right blend of skills training is key to successful completion. These complex, high-risk tasks demand nothing less.

Behind its years of experience, Raytheon UK has a trusted reputation as a world-class training solution for government, military and commercial customers. Our innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective smart solutions ensure customers get the expertly trained workforce they need.

Since 2006, Raytheon UK has developed and supported Command and Staff Training, or CAST, solutions and enhanced Higher Formation Training for the British Army and NATO at three facilities. Each site is connected to the Ministry of Defence Joint Multinational Interoperability Assurance Network, enabling multinational and inter-organisational training events.

Our innovative training technology includes the Advanced Battlespace Computer Simulation, also called ABACUS. Used by UK and Canadian armed forces, 12,000 soldiers take part in CAST exercises each year, with 1,250 trained on ABACUS.

For over a decade, Raytheon UK has also trained hundreds of Royal Air Force, UK Army and Royal Navy personnel to operate the Airborne Stand-Off Radar system incorporated in our Sentinel aircraft. Our classroom, simulation and equipment training encompasses pilots and mission crew, imagery analysts, aircraft maintenance engineers, liaison officers and Sentinel simulator programmes.

Raytheon Professional Services specialises in developing tailored learning solutions that align with commercial customers' unique business objectives. From micro and adaptive learning to flexible solutions and more, we implement the latest technology and processes to deliver agile, data-driven training programmes with measurable results. 

Raytheon UK helps defence organisations, governments and commercial organisations prepare for and respond to the rising cyberattack threat. We redesign training for cyber experts, employees, customers and partners to make world systems safer.

Train today. Ready tonight.