Performance Innovation

Performance Innovation

The right performance improvement process is critical to your success. Yesterday’s workforce cannot succeed at tomorrow’s challenges without shaping. Any new initiative will be short-lived unless it’s connected to real business issues. If your plan fails to align with key business issues, it will fail.

You need workforce adjustments that endure. Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) helps clients transform by eliminating waste and creating sustainable high-quality processes to improve business performance by:

  • Identifying the terms of your business needs: Is it speed? Cost? Satisfaction? Reliability? Working capital consumption? Workforce skills?
  • Establishing the best ways to measure them. Not just the final scoreboard, but the contributing actions that result in scoreboard success, so success can be ensured in advance.
  • Learning the reasons performance is short of needs. Your understanding of operational causes will be deep. And we won’t just do this for you once then disappear.
  • Developing reliable business process improvement through the use of proven methodologies. Your new skills will allow your staff to continue to make improvements into the future.
  • And always, the starting point will be the voice of your customer.

In all, it’s about constructing the building blocks in your workforce performance solutions to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

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Why partner with RPS?

Our performance-focused lean Raytheon Six Sigma™ and change management services are delivered by practitioners with decades of experience working with all levels of leadership, from the C-suite to the field, bringing organizational change from the inside out.

Our practitioners are seasoned change agents backed by a world-class training organization that specifically tailors the content and delivery of technical and leadership skills training for maximum results. Our collaborative, pragmatic approach toward assisting our customers in creating a sustainable continuous process improvement (CPI) culture ensures results after the engagement ends.

Through our versatility we have:

  • Increased effectiveness and productivity in multiple industries and several government agencies
  • Worked projects in all types of operations and support functions
  • Embraced many different customer CPI models
  • Employed a holistic approach to apply technology, cultural change, project management and controls
  • Applied our system integrator competency to align team with customer goals

Visionary strategic leadership engages people and inspires committed teams to achieve shared goals. RPS’ unique methodology creates an atmosphere that brings out the best thinking from everyone involved — in nontraditional ways — which helps organizations achieve extraordinary results.

Learning Strategy Design

The Learning Strategy Design multiday workshop is an effective and proven methodology to set an organization’s strategic learning objectives and gain the quick alignment necessary to achieve them. Several key elements make this workshop essential:

  • Learning objectives are clearly mapped to the strategic objectives of the company and the advantages are firmly established
  • The actions needed to achieve these learning objectives are prepared and owners are assigned. Alignment is achieved and serves to accelerate the accomplishments
  • The measurements needed to show progress toward the goals and the effectiveness of the actions are defined and tracked from day one, validating the learning activities’ value add
  • A review and governance procedure is prepared, setting a crisp cadence to the action items and accomplishment of milestones

Rapid Improvement/Kaizen

Rapid improvement is a technique to pace improvement events so they are good for the business and good for the people. The result is a sustainable, nimble methodology. We start with small-segment size issues. One particular way to achieve this goal is through Kaizen events: typically a one-week activity (after data gathering) to analyze, plan and implement improvements in a work area. Employees are briefed on the business needs of the area and the intentions of the Kaizen event.

The process is characterized in detail, looking for waste. Then improvements are planned and implemented by week’s end. By Monday, the process is set to operate in the new fashion. Performance measurements portray the gain, and decisions are then made regarding the planning of additional events. Improvement is real, measurable and manageable.

Lean Process Improvement/Agile Competitiveness

Speed. Customers expect it. Competitors boast of it. We help you get it through Lean and Agile approaches.

Both processes reduce the burdening waste that drags down performance. RPS can help you adopt this proven way of thinking, operating and measuring so you can obtain faster product flows, decrease inventories and reduce financial tracking transactions. It keeps customers happy, keeps operations on-shore and keeps competitors at bay.

The focus of Lean is reducing the time spent waiting, removing other forms of waste and teaching workers to recognize and eliminate waste independently. Employees must become problem-solvers in their own areas, work effectively as teams, deal with performance data and marshal local improvement efforts.

Workforce and Organizational Transformation

Our approach focuses on organizational change from the inside out. New roles for leaders include:

  • Expecting and guiding excellence in blocking/tackling instead of coaching the scoreboard
  • Learning how to ask the right questions to model problem-solving
  • Developing loyalty by establishing performance ownership in work groups. The result is real human capital growth: a workforce that generates its own enthusiasm around organizational success

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