Taking Cyber Solutions "Out For A Spin"

Raytheon's new Global Cyber Solutions Center will let cybersecurity professionals try before they buy


Raytheon uses its Global Cyber Solutions Center in Dulles, Virginia, to demonstrate computer security products for customers.

June 2015

The market for cyber products, solutions and services is growing at nearly the same breakneck pace as the number of challenges cyber professionals face. When evaluating the numerous options available, how can buyers compare cyber “apples to apples?” Put another way, how can a CISO or cyber pro verify they’ve chosen the right combination of software, solutions and training to operate with confidence in today’s cyber domain?

Later this week, Raytheon will host a launch event for our new Global Cyber Solutions Center (GCSC) facility in Sterling, VA. The GCSC is designed to help answer the apples-to-apples questions by allowing cyber solution customers to “try before they buy.” This innovative approach to cyber testing recently helped Raytheon land a spot on InformationWeek magazine’s Elite 100 list.


Guests at the event will see firsthand how the GCSC simulates a cyber security operations center (CSOC) to validate solution functionality during simulated real-world testing and training events. The GCSC helps customers assess how effectively cyber solutions will perform in the unique environment of their enterprise, and simulate how those solutions will scale as their operational priorities change over time.


The GCSC’s technology -- and the expertise of the team who designed it -- are available to both domestic and foreign government customers, major global corporations, and other organizations with large-scale cyber simulation needs.


We’re excited to add the GCSC to our worldwide network of cyber innovation and demonstration centers, which includes the Cyber Innovation Center in the UK and our Vulnerability Research Ranges. Our global access to talent and technology helps our customers address their most complex cyber challenges.

Published On: 06/03/2015
Last Updated: 12/12/2017