Hot Cyber Pursuit

The only way to find the most damaging cyber threats is to hunt for them

Hot Cyber Pursuit

Sophisticated cyber attackers can get into networks under the radar and cause damage unless hunters are on the lookout.

It may have been the biggest hack in history.

A possible state-sponsored attack had compromised about 500 million of Internet giant Yahoo's user accounts. It showed just how big the challenge of protecting computer networks can be, even for the most sophisticated digital organizations. The bigger the network, the bigger the vulnerability can potentially be, because the surface area of attack offers so many entry points for hackers.

That’s why cybersecurity is not a waiting game, where you sit and wait for an attack before reacting. To find the most sophisticated, damaging cyber threats, security professionals have to be on the hunt. A managed security service provider like Raytheon Foreground Security can help, combining automated tools and manual analysis techniques to find and eliminate the worst attacks before they happen.

Most organizations don’t have the resources to find, train and retain staff with those skills, so they can hire these hunters to seek out threats they don't have the resources to track down.

For a look at how Raytheon Foreground Security catches stealthy network intruders, watch the video below.

Threat Found

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Published On: 09/29/2016
Last Updated: 01/12/2018