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Foreground Security has now been integrated into Raytheon’s portfolio of cybersecurity services

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In October 2015, Raytheon announced its acquisition of Foreground Security, accelerating Raytheon's expansion into managed security services across commercial, federal and international markets.

Foreground's Virtual Security Operations Center (V-SOC) and proprietary technologies offer unique advanced cyber monitoring, threat hunting and professional services capabilities. As a result, Foreground's services have now been integrated into Raytheon's broad portfolio of products and services. Click the links below to access their new pages on www.raytheon.com/cyber and update any bookmarks to reflect these changes.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactive Threat Hunting 

Proactive Threat Hunting is the process of proactively searching through networks or datasets to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats that evade traditional rule- or signature-based security controls. Raytheon's patented automated threat detection and analytics technology, combined with our superior threat intelligence and highly-skilled staff of security analysts enables us to deliver defense-grade MDR services that focus on advanced threat identification and validation through proactive analyst-driven threat hunting.

Cyber Assessments






Cybersecurity Assessments  

Raytheon offers a comprehensive suite of security testing and assessment services coupled with industry-leading expertise and a unique perspective on the cybersecurity landscape. Through a combination of interviews and design reviews, the Raytheon team works collaboratively with our customer's IT, business and security stakeholders to conduct a high-level review of programs and infrastructure to ensure that particular areas of concern are identified, prioritized and reviewed with the aim of providing actionable recommendations that can be implemented as both “quick wins” and as longer-term road map improvements.







Virtual Security Operations Centers (V-SOC) 
Raytheon's V-SOC service is designed for customers that need an advanced hunting capability to detect threats at the packet level that traditional security controls cannot provide. V-SOC places the focus on advanced threats and tracking attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) versus a simple alert response and provides immediate ROI by quickly identifying existing network or host compromises, zero day exploits, data exfiltration, network anomalies, emerging advanced threats, suspicious insider behavior, use of insecure ports/protocols and misconfigured devices.

Digital Forensics






Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) 

Raytheon's DFIR retainer service is a cost-effective measure for dealing with the unexpected effects of a highly-integrated information security environment. Our full life-cycle services include initial development/testing of IR plans-procedures with simulated exercises; incident response; and witness testimony expertise. Other customizable options are 24/7 DFIR coverage/expertise offer remote and on-site full incident response, containment and remediation support services.

Managed Detection






Managed Detection & Response (MDR) 

Raytheon's team of certified, highly-skilled cybersecurity experts quickly and effectively identifies, assesses, manages and responds to advanced persistent threats. Our proprietary automated threat detection and analytics technology enables us to deliver defense-grade MDR services that focus on advanced threat identification, validation and proactive analyst-driven threat hunting..

Published On: 08/01/2016
Last Updated: 12/12/2017