Creating a Cyber Shield

Cyber hardening adds layers of protection to systems

Creating a Cyber Shield

Creating a Cyber Shield

Connected devices — from cars and home appliances to defense systems and satellites — have become part of the ever-growing Internet of Things, a vast worldwide network of hardware with embedded computers that collect, analyze and use data to make our lives easier. To reduce cybersecurity risks and ensure they operate properly and securely, these systems need to be retrofitted with protections through a process called cyber hardening.

In technical terms, cyber hardening helps reduce a system's vulnerability surface. In other words, it can limit or eliminate security holes hackers could use to penetrate systems and cause harm. Raytheon works with governments, businesses and militaries to harden their systems.

Learn more about cyber hardening and the steps required in our new video, part of our informative Cyber60 series.

Cyber60: Cyber Hardening
Cyber Hardening

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Published On: 10/13/2015
Last Updated: 01/26/2018