Cyber Hunters on the Prowl

How Raytheon Foreground Security finds the threats others miss

Cyber Hunters

Raytheon Foreground Security's advanced, cyber-hunting technology tracks down and defeats threats.

The malware lurked inside the system of a Fortune 500 hedge fund for 10 months. The cyber hunters at Raytheon Foreground Security found it in 12 minutes.

This team of elite digital sleuths joined Raytheon in October 2015, when the company acquired Foreground Security. Its Virtual Security Operations Center goes beyond simple services like firewalls and malware detection, proactively hunting for advanced adversaries and automating the manual processes analysts use to find and defeat stealthy cyber threats.

“Time and again, I hear security executives say they know they need advanced hunting capabilities, but can’t find or afford the talent in house,” said Dave Amsler, president and founder of Raytheon Foreground Security.

A lot of the team's services, including reverse engineering of malware, incident response, and sophisticated forensic analysis,  are beyond the skills of many organizations.

There has been a fundamental shift in how companies and government agencies value managed security services, Amsler said. Organizational leaders used to view security operations as a compliance checkbox and a reactive task. That view meant headaches for IT teams because of the high number of false alarms. Reactive systems that recognize known threats do not detect the most damaging adversaries, which can only be caught by hunting for behaviors.

“Now organizations are beginning to see the strategic business value that effective security brings,” Amsler said.

Foreground’s patented, proactive cyber-hunting technology was highly sought after by the industry’s top cybersecurity companies prior to the acquisition by Raytheon.

“I chose Raytheon over a long list of other suitors because of its $3.5 billion investment in cybersecurity and additional research and development investment in big data analytics,” Amsler said.

With top cyber talent harder to find and retain, the company's Foreground University training curriculum helps build the next generation of cyber hunters.

Amsler and others within Raytheon are planning to combine the cutting-edge methodologies and research projects from both companies to create more advanced offerings this year and beyond.

Published On: 02/29/2016
Last Updated: 12/12/2017