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Computer Network Operations Mission Support

Cyber tools have the ability to enable or deter the mission of any operation. One flaw can not only affect a critical piece of software, but also connected systems across the spectrum. Understanding, correcting or leveraging these flaws presents a significant opportunity for a mission.

Raytheon is a world leader in computer network operations (CNO) mission support research and cyber red team methodologies. We start  with system architecture analysis and end with a multilayered assessment of  cyber vulnerabilities.

Our success in this area comes from the employment of subject matter experts, novel solution development, advanced tools and an enterprise-class cyber range. The range provides the ability to scale testing through system emulation and use of commercial and custom vulnerability analysis and penetration testing tools. This provides maximum coverage and streamlines our processes.

What is computer network operations mission support?

Nation-state cyber threats and malicious hackers surreptitiously gain access to computer systems throughout the world to steal critical information, degrade or deny access to systems or disrupt operations. Through exploitation of flaws, these attackers collect intelligence or implant malware for future use that may not be discovered for years.

Through hundreds of millions of tests per week, we simulate an extensive range of cyber threats to ensure that our customers are positioned to effectively defend their systems and networks against cyberattacks. We look at every possible angle from social engineering tests to cloud security architecture to hardware and software risk assessments.

Raytheon provides access to the people, tools, and processes required for CNO mission success through collaboration with mission holders. Our subject matter experts perform vulnerability analysis to enable mission operations and we stay closely aligned with our customers to create plans on how to effectively use CNO capabilities. We identify bugs and implementation weaknesses that prioritize vulnerabilities that have the highest potential impact on customer objectives. We design individual solutions based on mission parameters and provide development, test, and training on the results.

We perform qualitative assessments to evaluate the state of current systems and give our customers guidance on how to effectively harden their systems into platforms.

We take two approaches when we are performing assessments. We take the adversarial mindset to highlight the areas for risk, understanding how to perform mission disruption or mission impact leveraging the least amount of resources. This process identifies higher priority risk areas that can be immediately addressed. The other side is a comprehensive view, from design through sustainment, as part of the overall life cycle of a system.

What We Offer:  
The Raytheon Cyber Operations, Development and Evaluation (CODE) Center is a state-of-the-art cyber range service used to test existing and future mission-critical systems against cyberattacks. We provide architectural assessments for cyber hardening, hardware and software reverse engineering, static and dynamic software analysis, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, product behavioral analysis and risk management services to our customers.

Customers visit the Raytheon CODE Center cyber range to perform assessments, help them understand current vulnerabilities and provide a roadmap for cyber hardening qualification. The Raytheon CODE Center is a cyber nexus that will tie expertise with needs and context that delivers applied resources for years to come.

Other solutions we offer include cybersecurity training and mission rehearsal, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.