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Mission Services

Demands on today’s intelligence officers and special operators are greater than ever. Whether operating in hostile, ungoverned areas or on the streets of a modern and connected city, their missions require unmatched capabilities and preparedness backed by the nation’s best support.

Threats loom in high-consequence missions in rough corners of the world. Deep mission expertise across the board is sought. The physical and virtual worlds are blending and today’s national security is being contested in environments from undersea to outer space. The world is enmeshed in sensors producing digital data at unprecedented rates. Activity that was once hidden now exists in plain sight. Technology disruption is making our adversaries more capable.

The need is real for a partner that can help deliver on the mission in the digital domain. Raytheon is that partner.

Raytheon Mission Services provides that backing by creating the best possible conditions for their success. We provide the intelligence and national security community with nontraditional and effective ways of solving problems  across all domains, from dangerous battle zones to intellectual battlefields.

What is mission services?

Mission Services gives customers an end-to-end solution with lasting support for any need or problem. As the physical and virtual domains blend together, national security is threatened from outer space to undersea. Raytheon delivers responsive, technical solutions with trusted operational support. We stand by ready to help intelligence, military and law enforcement partners. A global defense leader, Raytheon delivers capabilities and services that underpin many of our partners’ highest consequence missions. Where failure can risk lives or jeopardize national security, we work with intelligence and military customers on their toughest challenges to deliver responsive, technical solutions.

Our expertise in mission and domain has been honed through personal experience of standing shoulder to shoulder with our partners in harm’s way.

Raytheon solves these problems

The Solution:  
We leverage innovations from across Raytheon — be it space, integrated defense, missiles or cyber — to help solve customer challenges. Mission Services deploy trusted, prepared personnel to keep field information flowing, facilities operating and systems delivering. 

From seasoned special operations teams to intelligence experts who also know the digital domain, Raytheon’s Mission Services innovation area deploys the very best.

What We Offer:  
Raytheon’s Mission Services guarantees robust engineering, relevant  mission expertise, and analytic insights so customers can act on information that matters. We provide field-ready solutions and prepare customer teams for the most demanding missions. We help customers make sense of complex data and even build the networks customers depend on to make the best decisions.  

What's next?

Mission Services’ advantage is that it solves problems from beginning to end. As the world changes to include digital, Raytheon gives the customer the tech advantage to succeed in this changing world. Flexible, robust engineering development combined with deep learning, artificial intelligence, analytics and advanced software and hardware. Look for best-of-breed technologies applied to missions, human-machine advances providing improved high-consequence outcomes, and the most talented team members supporting the customer.