Cyber locks on globe

Cyber Resiliency

The challenge of protecting our systems grows significantly each year as more devices and more people are connected. As our surface area for attacks grows, opportunities for vulnerabilities increase with it. Cyberattacks are no longer a matter of “if” but “when.”

What is cyber resiliency?

Cyberattacks have reached pandemic proportions because of the complexity and interconnectedness of the information-age technologies that power our lives. Cyberattacks can also cripple military and intelligence systems, as well as critical infrastructure such as power, water and transportation. Raytheon assesses the cybersecurity posture of each environment and has products that make these systems more resilient so they can operate through the attacks.

There are real threats and there are consequences for ignoring those threats. The Department of Defense understands this — they have mandated that all U.S. weapon systems be assessed for vulnerabilities by 2019, which is just a  year away.

Raytheon solves these problems

The Solution:  
Raytheon’s advanced cyber ranges provide organizations with the tools they need to assess new technology on cyberattacks. This network of cyber ranges enables our experts to create environments in which to test the cyber resilience of systems and software, test the effectiveness of cyber-defensive and cyber-offensive capabilities and train the next generation of  cyber professionals.

People are an important part of the cyber resilience equation. Rerunning exercises reinforces training and knowledge transfer for new cyber operations personnel. Our software allows events to be quickly recreated and we can scale to the needs of the exercise.

To harden platforms and make them resilient to attacks, we conduct vulnerability and penetration testing of software and hardware; update outdated and unpatched software; remove any unnecessary software and user accounts; set up intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and tamper-resistant protections; and ensure members of a company’s supply chain employ strong cyber hardening practices as well.

What We Offer:  
Raytheon’s Cyber Operations Development and Evaluation (CODE) Center integrates capabilities, assesses vulnerabilities, tests solutions, provides cyber training and collaborates with our customers. The CODE Center includes powerful emulation capability at massive scale with a hardware-in-the-loop capability to include RF systems testing in anechoic chambers. Tamper detection and response software and hardware are available to help secure Internet of Things devices and mission craft.  

What's next?

Our scientists are conducting the most advanced research and development in machine learning, communications, and analytics to build tomorrow’s tools and solutions that will ensure critical systems stay ahead of cyberthreats. Our cyber hardening solutions give the Pentagon the assurance they need to operate through attacks yet to be imagined by  our adversaries.