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Cyber Systems Integration

Protecting information assets, intellectual property and critical  infrastructure from malicious acts can be challenging for industries and organizations of all sizes.

The cyberthreat landscape is quickly becoming more complex and dangerous. Internet of Things  devices, nation-state attacks and ransomware are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues that cybersecurity experts must defend against. In addition, both government and industry are constantly presented with a plethora of new cybersecurity products and services to choose from. Which ones are truly effective and help you stay one step ahead?

Raytheon has designed and implemented a series of integrated platforms that combine best-of-breed advanced tools and professional services for optimal protection at any scale, with proven performance and predictable pricing. 

What is cyber systems integration?

Cyber Systems Integration means creating one cybersecurity framework that covers numerous cyberthreats. These frameworks require the seamless integration of best-of-breed security tools within network, wireless, application and data environments.

Raytheon leverages our experience with implementing best-of-breed cybersecurity products for large U.S. government agencies, international institutions and commercial corporations to recommend an integrated cybersecurity framework that is the best fit for a given customer. 

Our architectures are based on mission requirements, compliance obligations and budgetary constraints. Our team of dedicated cyber professionals provide the industry’s best solution for premium tailored protection and response.

Raytheon solves these problems

Our Approach:  
Our integrated framework provides comprehensive cyber capabilities such as machine learning and big data analytics, security information and event management systems, antivirus, antimalware, network data loss prevention, end-point protection, knowledge and firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention services, network behavioral analysis and threat intelligence, insider threat detection, digital forensics and incident  response, and basic and advanced cyber training.

Customizable options and services provide the building blocks to meet specific needs and evolving mission requirements. 

  • Primary Response Center that is tailorable, and scalable and provides strong monitoring and incident response capability as an extension to existing infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Response Center that builds upon the Primary Response Center capability by incorporating cross-site information sharing and analysis labs for malware, forensics and cyber range experimentation. These test and analysis environments are scalable to tens of thousands of end nodes and capable of geographic dispersion.
  • National Response Center that expands the Enterprise Response Center capability with big data analytics, international gateways, nation-scale exercises and training, and national-level computer incident response.

Other optional services include full system assessments, cyber defense testing, mobile testing, knowledge transfer and training, real-time analytics, adding cyber to C4ISR, ensuring compliance with government regulations and building IT infrastructure. 

What's next?

As the world continues to become more connected, cyber threats will continue to proliferate throughout our governments, armed services and industry. Raytheon will continue to innovate, bring advanced solutions to the market and stay one step ahead of the latest attacks. 

Our customizable options and services meet  specific needs and evolving mission requirements.  Our consultative approach ensures a seamless transition and implementation and that the mission will be matched to the right set of pre-integrated, preconfigured products and services at scope and scale.