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Cyber Automation and Orchestration Management

Cyberattacks are growing exponentially in volume and complexity. Attack waves probe for weaknesses in systems and test if you can respond quickly to any breach. Defenders are awash in data and identifying stealthy and potentially damaging attacks is increasingly difficult to do. 

What is Cyber Automation and Orchestration Management?

You need domain expertise in how networks work, how operating systems work, in attacker tools and methodology, the environment being defended and more. Just as important is the right balance of time spent doing research, technology management and using tools and techniques to identify threats.

Other tasks defenders are often assigned, such as user support and evaluating new technologies, which takes time away from actually defending the environment. The talent required to maintain this difficult balance and achieve measurable, impactful results is difficult to find, difficult to train and extremely difficult to retain. Thus there’s a need for the right partners, the right technology and the right approach to bring it all together.

Organizations need a more proactive approach to cyber defense. Raytheon’s Cyber Automation and Orchestration Management creates real-time threat response and automated orchestration of cybersecurity tool suites by evaluating all types of cyber activity and developing models of potential attackers, behavior. These AI-based capabilities suggest defensive countermeasures to cybersecurity operators for the waves and waves of attacks they face every day and can reduce potential losses after a cyber breach. 

Raytheon solves these problems

The Solution: 
There’s real art to the science of finding the right solutions. We offer a combination of skilled people, processes and technology to deliver proactive hunting and assessment services in a way that’s scalable and repeatable. This enables us to automate investigative and incident response workflows, report generation and other time-consuming tasks. This gives more cycles back to our human defenders to do what they do best: keep pace with evolving threats and come up with new ways to identify these ever-evolving sophisticated attacks. 

What We Offer:  
Raytheon provides a variety of solutions to these problems, including our Virtual Security Operations Center, or V-SOC, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), which offer proactive hunting, incident response and expert advising services on a sustained basis. We also provide adversary emulation, engineering, assessment and consulting services to help our clients achieve a more defensible and proactive posture in the face of new and evolving threats.

What's next?

New automated functions to make our defenders faster and more effective, machine discovery for new rules and content, and better ways of collaborating and sharing information among our teams.