Cyber Reasoning Systems

Cyber Reasoning Systems

Automating the detection and patching of vulnerabilities.

Protecting the cyber domain has been largely a human-based approach, with people manually sifting through millions of lines of code to discover and patch vulnerabilities. Raytheon’s self-healing systems based on cyber reasoning technology automates this.

Raytheon is leading the way in developing cyber reasoning systems to automate tools that not only uncover vulnerabilities, but have the intelligence to automatically patch and fix the issue.

We work closely with customers to tailor and deliver self-healing systems in order to secure critical infrastructure and to improve national security.

Raytheon Deep Red & the darpa cyber grand challenge

Cyber Challenge Team
Mike Stevenson, Tim Bryant and Brian Knudson lead Raytheon's Deep Red team competing in the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge August 4 in Las Vegas

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's goal for the Cyber Grand Challenge is to encourage teams to develop systems that automates the detection and patching of vulnerabilities, shortening the timeline for dealing with vulnerabilities from days or weeks to seconds.

Raytheon’s Deep Red team is one of seven finalists and the only large contractor to qualify in the world’s very first fully automated “Capture the Flag” competition.

Self-healing Systems: Changing the Equation

Raytheon is investing talent and resources to developing self-healing systems based on cyber reasoning technologies. With systems that protect itself and automatically patches known vulnerabilities, human analysts can focus on the toughest and unknown challenges. Organizations can stay on top of both the most prevalent as well as the most sophisticated threats and attacks.

Addressing the Talent Gap

With global demand for cybersecurity jobs expected to rise to 6 million positions by 2019, companies and governments are struggling to address the widening cyber talent gap. Self-healing systems help address this gap. As a workforce multiplier, self-healing systems can arm organizations around the world with stronger cyber defenses.