Cyber Range

Cyber Range


Raytheon's cyber range helps customers test the resilience of critical technologies — with industry-leading agility, flexibility and scalability.

Customers can:

  • Customize sophisticated testing protocols in hours — not months
  • Expose systems and networks to realistic nation-state threats
  • Conduct force-on-force exercises
  • Evaluate the latest techniques in cyber protection

Customers can leverage Raytheon's Cyber Range or can work with us to build their customized cyber range to suit their unique needs.


The Raytheon Cyber Operations, Development and Evaluation (CODE) Center is a state-of-the-art cyber range used to test existing and future mission-critical systems against cyber attacks.

  • Test and evaluate advanced technologies – The CODE Center is used to test networks and systems by exposing them to realistic nation-state cyber threats in a secure facility with the latest tools, techniques and malware.
  • Conduct force-on-force cyber games/exercises – The CODE Center provides a simulated environment to conduct tests and rerun exercises to enhance cyber defense technologies and hone skills of cyber professionals.
  • Provide an engineering environment to integrate technologies – The CODE Center also offers a secure engineering environment for the integration of company-wide cyber capabilities, cybersecurity technologies, and customer and partner capabilities, along with the testing and demonstration of cyber technologies.
  • Provide cyber professional training – Critical to the skills development of cyber professionals, Raytheon cyber ranges allow organizations to learn and practice with the latest techniques in cyber protection.

Versatile Cyber Environment
To set up a realistic exercise, cyber range operators can create an accurate replica of a system. The CODE Center can emulate any size and kind of networked environment, including Air Traffic Control, Power Grids, Water Supplies or Security Operations Centers.

With Raytheon's unique range automation software, operators can rapidly set up a massive test range in hours or days, instead of months. Environments can be created to assess the destructive effects of attacks by nation states or sophisticated cyber criminals.

Raytheon's Global Network of Cyber Centers
The CODE Center is part of Raytheon's network of cyber innovation and demonstration centers around the world that help customers rapidly pinpoint solutions to their most difficult and complex cyber challenges. Other Raytheon cyber centers in the network include:

  • Global Cyber Solutions Center (GCSC) – A state-of-the-art environment that enables rapid assembly and assessment of technologies in addressing customers' operational cyber requirements. Built to be a modular, versatile security operation center (SOC), the GCSC can simulate real world events for training purposes. Based in Dulles, VA., close to Washington DC, it is geared towards international government and commercial customers.
  • Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in the U.K. – Located in South-West (Cheltenham) England, the CIC provides development and test capability against current and emerging threats. Operating as a research, development and innovation hub, the CIC will enable Raytheon to work with its partners on projects and demonstrations while extending the company's deep cyber expertise to Europe and other international locations.
  • Raytheon Vulnerability Research Ranges – Industry-leading vulnerability research expertise in Raytheon's Vulnerability Research Ranges in various locations are capable of conducting hundreds of millions of tests per week.