Cyber Protection System

Cyber Protection System

Network Defense For Organizations Across The Globe

In today’s complex, global environment for government and business operations, a cybersecurity operations center can persistently monitor the information environment and provide critical situational awareness. Raytheon’s Cyber Protection System enables enterprises to go beyond traditional CSOC monitoring and establish a response center capable of situational awareness, proactive defense and rapid response.

Our many years of work with global organizations has allowed us to create a tailorable and scalable Cyber Protection System that includes capabilities, services, and training. 

Integrated Cyber Capabilities

Our cost-effective cyber response centers, with supporting services, scale and deploy rapidly to ensure information systems and critical infrastructure remain operational. Customers can match their mission to the right set of pre-integrated, pre-configured products and services at scope and scale. Raytheon’s consultative approach guides customers through the process to ease implementation.

Primary, Enterprise and National cyber response centers can easily be augmented with additional optional capabilities, including:

  • Cyber test ranges: Test the cyber resilience of hardware, software, and networks
  • Penetration/Malware/Forensics Fly Away Kits: Provide mobile environments to perform testing and analysis at remote facilities
  • Lab environments: Analyze malware, perform penetration testing and conduct forensics at enterprise scale so analysts can determine the best way to manage them.

Raytheon provides a wide range of services to customers around the world, such as:

  • Cyber vulnerability assessments to proactively assess a customer’s risk and collaboratively develop a response plan
  • Incident response and digital forensics to rapidly address a security incident and get a customer back in business
  • Architecture and governance to help customers upgrade with the pace of technology and threats

Cyber Academy for Knowledge Development

Raytheon builds cyber practitioners with classroom and hands-on laboratory experience. Whether the need is a university scale cyber academy or specific courses for your executives and practitioners, Raytheon has the experience.  Our cyber training courses and programs are provided to our own global workforce, and our instructors have direct, hands-on experience managing computer network operations and defenses. 

  • Immersive learning: Combines cyber range, labs, practical exercises and lectures
  • Operationally focused: Delivers mission-ready operators
  • End-to-end pipeline: Develops cyber professionals from entry level to leaders
  • Tailored instruction: Customized for government and industry by role


Customers can leverage the Global Cyber Solutions Center to assess technologies, procedures and workflows to address their unique CSOC and operational cyber requirements.

Leveraging the GCSC, customers have the ability to rapidly build mock-ups of unique security operations centers where they can evaluate solutions that best fit their needs.