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Cyber Analytics and Intelligence Services

Analysts typically spend more than 80 percent of their time just trying to collect or reformat data and only 20 percent actually analyzing the data.

What are Cyber Analytics and Intelligence Services?

In today’s fast-paced information age, individuals, companies and government organizations are faced with a unique challenge — what to do with the explosion of data coming in from every direction. The exponential information growth in most aspects of our personal lives and global commerce renders traditional information processing tools and methods useless. Continuously evolving technologies are needed to effectively cope with the massive amounts of data generated around the clock. Twitter, for example, receives and processes more than 500 million tweets a day. Facebook has more than 2 billion  users worldwide, of which more than 1 billion use its site and services

Large-scale cyberattacks, data breaches, online radicalization, corporate espionage and insider threats cases continue to rise. As our adversaries continue to adopt the latest technologies and become more sophisticated in their usage, we need to continue to innovate, especially in the area of cyber analytics and intelligence.   

Raytheon’s Cyber Analytics and Intelligence Services are designed to efficiently sift through the noise, find needles in globally distributed haystacks, and convert raw data into meaningful, actionable intelligence and insights. 

Our deep,  multidomain knowledge and interdisciplinary subject matter experts, coupled with advanced data collection, processing, analysis and visualization tools, enables our clients to be successful and to stay ahead of their competition and adversaries.

Raytheon addresses these challenges

The Solution:  

Raytheon has a long history of developing data collection, processing and analysis capabilities for air, land, sea and space missions. Through a combination of internal R&D, collaborative  agreements with leading research universities, and commercial, trusted partnerships we offer our clients the latest in cyber defense and intelligence analysis. In addition, through our training programs and professional services (e.g., managed cybersecurity services), we provide on-site and remote assistance if desired.    

What We Offer:  

Working side-by-side with our clients allows us to better shape our technology and product road maps. This results in products and services that address our client’s needs and challenges. In most organizations, intelligence and cyber analysts have to spend more than 80 percent of their time on data collection and data wrangling. This leaves them with less than 20 percent of their time to analyze the data. Our cyber and intelligence products and services are designed to invert this ratio, making analysts more efficient so they focus on what they do best — data analysis.  

Our cyber and intelligence products and services cover a wide spectrum  of cyber defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial use  cases. They range from social network analysis, real-time dark web monitoring, online persona management, attribution-managed networks and computer network defense to multi-source data fusion, analytics and advanced data visualization.  

What's Next? 

The rapid advancement and injection of technologies into everyday objects requires us to continuously re-evaluate how we are collecting, processing and analyzing data. Raytheon’s next generation of cyber and intelligence products and services intelligently blends the latest advancements in edge, cloud and data center computing with advanced machine learning, predictive analytics and multi-dimensional data visualization to support critical missions.