Every Side of Cyber

We Secure Every Side of Cyber

When everything is connected, security is everything. That’s why Raytheon delivers solutions that protect every side of cyber for government agencies, businesses and nations. Protecting the most critical information, systems and operations with breakthrough solutions — to make the world a safer place.


Understanding Critical Domains

Understanding Critical Domains

The most important decisions are based on information that above all, must be secure. With decades of experience in protecting information across any domain, Raytheon can build the most advanced cyber defenses into operational systems to safeguard what matters most. From hardening defense systems against intruders to protecting critical infrastructure and data, we offer the most effective shields against cyber threats.

Defeating Multi-Faceted Threats

Defeating Multi-Faceted Threats

Rapid response to any type of cyber attack is the most effective way to reduce or eliminate potential damage. Raytheon technologies give government agencies and organizations the power to continually provide vital services in the face of the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Our unmatched understanding of the means and motivations of cyber attackers prevents attacks, exposes them when they occur and protects the vulnerable intersection between critical data and the people who use it.

Protecting Converged Sectors

Protecting Converged Sectors

Security is everything when everything is connected. Raytheon does more than simply protect networks; it protects a way of life. The significant investments we make in research and development produces the best technologies for keeping valuable data, business information and intellectual property safe, and ensuring critical systems are resilient and secure.

Human Behavior and Intent

Human Behavior and Intent

Uncompromising systems depend on deep understanding of how and why people interact with information. Raytheon and its cybersecurity firm Forcepoint are focused on protecting the vulnerable human point: The intersections between people, critical data and intellectual property on the systems where they work. The human point is the new frontier in cyber defense, kept secure by understanding and eliminating security blind spots.

Merging Human and Machine

Merging Man and Machine

The rise of artificial intelligence has created machines that extend the reach and abilities of human experts. Advanced research from Raytheon is making more powerful connections between human and machine and building organizations that are smarter than ever before.

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