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Missile Systems - Tucson, Ariz.

John Patterson

General Inquiries

Tel: +1 520-746-2107

Cecelia Fresh

Land Warfare Systems
Javelin Weapon System, Excalibur®, TOW®, Stinger™, TALON, Combat Systems (HTI, Forward-Looking Infrared, LAV-AT, LRAS3, PSDS2, ITSS, IBAS, CIV), Soldier Sensors (Thermal Weapon Sights, PhantomIRxr®, ENVG, Optics)

Tel: +1 520-746-2281

Barry Edwards

Naval and Area Mission Defense Systems (SM-2, Phalanx®, SeaRAM™, RAM®, ESSM™)

Tel: +1 520-746-2256

Amanda Schildt

Air and Missile Defense Systems (SM-3™, SM-6, EKV, MOKV, RKV, Tamir)

Tel. +1 571-305-3915

Cecelia Fresh

Advanced Missile Systems (SeaGriffin™, PERM, Mobile Range, Pyros®, Persistent Close Air Support, Raytheon Albuquerque, Raytheon Rancho Innovations, Space Programs, Pike)

Tel: +1 520-746-2281

Tara Wood

Air Warfare Systems (Maverick™, Paveway™, JSOW, MALD®, AMRAAM®, AIM-9X®, HARM®/HCSM, Griffin®, SDB II™,Tomahawk)

Tel: +1 520-746-2097