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Employee Tools

Raytheon understands the value of employee communications and providing easy access to company information. This employee tools area provides internet access to several employee focused sets of information and/or activities. Some of these areas require an employee ID and password.



Employees can explore new job opportunities within Raytheon. Please login to create your new profile.


Discover the rewards of using the Employee Referral Incentive Program (ERIP) to refer talented people you know to Raytheon job opportunities.


The Hiring Center is for recruiters, hiring managers, human resources generalists, business systems leads, and TA coordinators. This is where you create, approve, post, & manage requisitions and also search, screen, select, and track candidates.


Regional groups of Raytheon retirees have established independent membership organizations.* These organizations work to provide retiree-specific news, information and resources. Additionally, they coordinate various social and community engagement activities. If you are interested in joining a Raytheon retiree organization, click your preferred location below to inquire about membership.

* Raytheon Company ("the Company") does not own or control the above organizations and the Company does not endorse, approve, authorize, sponsor or certify the above organizations. Any use of the above information and any communications with such organizations by an employee is strictly voluntary. The Company assumes no responsibility for any consequences associated with the use of the above information or any of the organizations' acts or omissions, and expressly disclaims any and all liability for any damages, costs, expenses or other losses which may result from the use of the information herein, or from any activity or omission associated with such organizations. Lastly, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the above information relating to such organizations.