Warfighter FOCUS

U.S. Army Training Solutions

Eight years of institutional insight. Operational resources that fuel 24/7 warfighter support. An evolving Management Information System (MIS) powered by leading-edge technologies. As needs change and challenges emerge, Raytheon is uniquely prepared to help the U.S. Army mitigate risk, minimize downtime and ensure mission readiness across the globe.

Training in Action

Support Center

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Take a look inside the 62,000-square-foot Wafighter Support Center warehouse
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Virtually there

Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability Instrumentation System
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A big dose of reality

U.S. Army Joint Readiness Training Center
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Proven Solutions

Since 2008, the Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance has delivered flexible, cost-effective support through the Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (Warfighter FOCUS) program. Our team has helped the U.S. Army adapt to new requirements, meet emerging needs and ensure the highest standards of performance and readiness through:

  • Government and military training
  • Mission support
  • Intelligence and unmanned aircraft systems training
  • Maintenance and logistics
  • Combat training centers
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Operational Support

From a 62,000-square-foot warehouse where high-tech equipment is repaired to integrated, transportable training shelters to 24/7 live call support, Raytheon's operational resources are already supporting warfighters from Arizona to Afghanistan.


  • Training, logistics, management, on-site repair and depot maintenance
  • 24/7 availability
  • 76% decrease in task turnaround time
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Raytheon's tailored Management Information System (MIS) was built to support the unique needs of the U.S. Army, and continues evolve as those needs change. Delivering an immediate, integrated view of global training activities across over 500 sites, it leverages leading-edge technologies to maintain the highest standards of training and readiness.

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